• Plan 1 - 10,000 views
  • Plan 2 - 30,000 - 50,000 views
  • Plan 3 - 50,000 - 1,00,000 views

Gospel Song Promotion


Gospel songs are extremely sensitive and responsive listening songs. To stop dislikes, and unwanted remarks, it must be aimed at the same Christian audience. Therefore, to get more views and to get more viewers, we are concentrating precisely on the vocabulary of the song and audience. Focusing on these aspects tends to increase monetisation cycles on YouTube a lot.

Gospel Songs reminds Christians in reaching the secular world to provide positive vibes and remind them that there is a higher power inside their soul. The Bottom line of this Gospel music is to uplift and encourage the body of Christian through the Gospel of Jesus with the hope of comfort among all the people with values and messages in their life. This Gospel song has the power to calm our mind and boost the spiritual and blues inside the body to next level. Gospel music is a genre of Christian music which was traced on the early 17th Century to follow up our old tradition in worshipping Jesus. We at, ViewPromoters helps you to grow your brand on Christian Gospel songs with 100% results through promotions on your YouTube channel. Getting more traffic will increase your watch time for monetisation on YouTube.


1. We endorse your Gospel Music only to the Christian community 100% on YouTube

2. Our Social Media team start to work on the task within 1-2 days after receiving the project

3. Our Social Media team takes 5 days to cross 10,000 views on YouTube

4. You can monitor the views live via YouTube Studio App

5. Advance Payment should be done before promotion

6. Customer service 24 hours. 50 Globally happy customers

Based upon Quality of video we help to telecast your GOSPEL SONGS on broadcasting channels

Like Angel TV, Blessing TV and Nambikkai TV.

NOTE: Dislikes and Unnecessary comments are avoided, because we address only Christian audiences.

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