• Plan 1 - 10,000 views
  • Plan 2 - 30,000 - 50,000 views
  • Plan 3 - 50,000 - 1,00,000 views

Secular Song Promotions

Secular songs are non-religious music which is spreading all over the world digitally. Nowadays many people started to release secular songs on YouTube. The secular songs started to get popular among the people who are middle ages. On a day of average 24,000 songs and 1million tracks every six weeks. But only a few songs are reaching an audience this could be due to various factors. Many secular songs reach the audience only if you do proper promotion done on YouTube. These secular songs include all the love, dramatic and emotions to touch the audience soul. It is not easy to grab today younger audience they have more exposure to social media we at, ViewPromoters help to promote your songs on YouTube and increase your watch time for monetisation on YouTube.

Secular music is music that doesn’t necessarily include a supernatural theme, but it may reference the divine. Words are a significant aspect of secular music. In most other normal people, words have been used to perform songs in fun together. We ‘re endorsing your YouTube songs which are to access only a click away.


1. We endorse your secular song with 100% promotion on YouTube

2. Our Social Media team start to work on the task within 1-2 days after receiving the project

3. Our Social Media team takes 5 days to cross 10,000 views on YouTube

4. You can monitor the views live via YouTube Studio App

5. Advance payment is required prior to promotion

6. Customer service 24 hours. 50 Globally happy customers


NOTE: Dislikes and Unnecessary comments are avoided, because we address only target demographic audiences.

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